All Western Quartz ultraviolet (UV) lamps are wiped down carefully before their packaging and shipment. If handled carefully, (i.e. no fingerprints on body of lamps), they are ready for use when unpacked. If the lamps are touched with bare hands, they should be carefully wiped down with a 'lint free' towel slightly dampened with deionized water or denatured alcohol. Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps and reflectors should be subsequently cleaned when necessary, particularly if there is any misting of ultraviolet (UV) curable materials in the area. Premature devitrification and reduced lamp performance may occur if lamps are improperly run in a contaminated environment.

A lamps life depends on many factors such as the number of cold starts, operating time per start, electrical and thermal operating parameters and proper handling. All continuous running Western Quartz mercury lamps are warranted against manufacturing defects when used under proper conditions. Hourly coverage is also applied with the vast majority of our mercury curing lamps.

Handling & maintenance