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Western Quartz can provide an exact match of the lamp you currently use at a very competitive price.  We produce UV lamps for many manufacturers equipment however, we run into new models all the time.  Here is a short list of the common machine manufacturers we have produced replacement lamps for.

AWT, Aetek, AGFA, American Screen, American Ultraviolet AUV, Amjo, Brewer Design, C Sun, Colight, Dubuit, Eye Iwasaki, Fusion Systems, Gallus, GEW, Group-Up, Hanovia, Honle, IST, Kompac Technologies, Lawson, Liberty,  Mark Andy, Miltec, M&R, Online Energy, Pacific Products, RPC, SPE, Svecia, UV Light, UV Science-Starna, Ultralight-UV Technology, Wallace Knight.

Western Quartz also produces equivalent lamp models of the other lamp manufacturers listed below.   

Albatross UV, AlphaCure, Amba, Eye Iwasaki, G.S., Hanovia, Hereaus, Jelight, ORC, Philips, Primarc, Superior Quartz, TCS, Tyngshuoh Tech, Theimer, Toshiba, Ultralight, Ushio, UV-Technik, Voltarc

What you should know

UV lamps: Maintenance, operation & machine design -  -   (article)

4 meter M&R Inline lamp


UV Lamps for the screen printing industry